Hello world!

•January 5, 2010 • 1 Comment

Yes, those are real candles!Here at Sage Cottage Christmas still reigns supreme since the Twelve Days of Christmas don’t end until tomorrow. And actually, I probably won’t take the decorations down until Friday or Saturday. I really, really hate that we have become a society that hurries through everything- meals, holidays, days, weeks, years. Only a couple of days after Christmas, Valentines already made their appearance in the stores, though that “holiday” is more than 6 weeks away. How have we lost the ability to savor what IS instead of rushing on to what is to come? The NOW is what we really have, isn’t it? And it will never return- not this moment, this hour, this day. Perhaps what we most need to do is to hold what is now in our arms like a beloved infant, cherishing it, oohing and aahing over it as we do a newborn, aware that all too soon infancy will pass and that dear, tiny infant will be walking and talking. Slow down… slow down…walk, don’t run…breathe deeply and let the beauty and wonder of this day just sink in. Yes, you can.